Accomplishing Common Reporting Tasks with Plateau Report Designer (Adding Non-Referenced Custom Fields) – Part 3

In this series of posts I will examine common issues that can be addressed through the Plateau Report Designer (PRD) custom reporting tool for the Successfactors Learning Management Sysetm (LMS.)  The reporting task addressed in this post will be extending a previous post’s solution for reporting on Learning History.  The last report extended the Learning History (CSV) report to add in Scheduled Offering Start and End Date.  This version will demonstrate how you would bring in a custom user and custom item field for non-referenced custom field data.  To download the previous file click here, for the completed version from this article, please click here.

The documentation given out for the PRD classes goes about pulling in the custom fields in a different way than I will be discussing here.  For this solution we will be utilizing view tables.

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